Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Malnutrition and Kolam Tribals Starvation PIL

Malnutrition Amongst Kolam Tribals :

The Nagpur Divisional Bench of Mumbai High Court is siezed of the matter of the difference between ground level reality and the Action Taken Reports filed in the High Court, concerning Kolam tribal deaths and lakhs of malnutrition cases being reported by the state health authorities.

Starvation, malnutrition and hidden hunger amongst tribals and indebted farmers, are issues that are of prime importance even as the Central Congress government is considering ways of opening up the food retail sector to foreign investment and global logistics experts in food retail.

Public interest litigation, regarding tribal families malnutrition cases, amongst tribals, deserve attention by the state health authorities, not only in Maharashtra but also in West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand and Gujarat.
Somehow, the media gets awakened to the issue of malnutrition only when there are a few starvation deaths.
Tribals are being asked to walk as much as 140 kilometres to avail of state government provided food and basic nutrition.
There is an urgent need to review if the Indian Agriculture Ministry is pursuing policies and global trade agreements that are causing local food insecurity amongst large sections of Indian population like children, women and tribals, who do not have adequate health protection.

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